Cocktail Masterclasses

Discover the art of mixology & learn how to craft your favourite cocktails hosted by our in house mixologists.

Every Friday from 29th July | 4pm to 6pm

AED 245 per class

GIN |  Friday 29th July
Learn all about Gin and how to create the perfect Gin & Tonic!

SCOTCH WHISKY | Friday 5th August
Whisky tasting of 5 malts to distinguish each region, flavour & aroma.

RUM | Friday 12th August
What’s best to pair Rum with? We’ll take you through the best rum based cocktails.

VODKA | Friday 19th August
Can Vodka have terroir? How to drink it and where does it come from? The answer seems simple, but many people think otherwise!


Tuesday 29th June – Pasta from Scratch

Fettucini, Ravioili, Tortellini and any type you fancy? Nothing beats fresh pasta at home. We show you how to make a fresh egg yolk pasta dough and be as creative or as simple as you wish.

Tuesday 6th July – All things Poultry

Legs, thighs, breasts and the parson’s nose. A different way of looking at a whole chicken, its not just for roasting, we show you how to cook the perfect, juicy chicken breast along with crispy thighs in an Asian style broth.

Tuesday 13th July – For the Love of Steak

Get your roasting and resting right. Pan seared ribeye steak, with triple cooked chips and a fluffy Hollandaise sauce, flavoured with freshly cut tarragon.

Tuesday 20th July – Fish Fresh from the Sea

Round, flat and oily, all fish types explained and prepared straight from the sea and cooked, cured and smoked with accompaniments and sauce suggestions.

Tuesday 24th August – Our signature Beef Wellington

The secret recipe behind the classic that started in the kitchen of Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s more than 15 years ago.

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